Republic of Tea 100% White Teas


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Honeydew Melon White Tea - The honeydew was prized by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago for its sweet, succulent flavor and cooling, hydrating properties. The flavor profile of melon blends seamlessly with the soft, sweet notes of this rare China White Tea. Also makes a unique and refreshing iced tea.

Emperor’s White Tea - This China White Tea is revered for its unmatched subtlety, complexity and mellow, sweet notes. Emperors had this tea plucked from their secret gardens to share with visiting dignitaries who reveled in the airy fragrance and pure flavor.

Pineapple Guava White Tea - The exotic pineapple and guava fruits of the tropics blend wonderfully with the subtle profile of this exquisite White Tea to create a perfect, welcoming cup.

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